Wine in English

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An introduction to wine, in English, aimed at non-native English speakers who are looking for opportunities to practice theri speaking skills in a fun, new setting. 

During each encounter we will be tasting different wines though which different aspects and themes of English will be covered.

The tastings/lessons will be organized in two different sections: the introduction, which will be carried out as an open dialogue with the partecipants on the topic of the tasting. There is no need to have any experience at all with regads to wine. The topics will initially be very broad and understandable to everybody (i.e. what is wine? what does wine mean to you? how to taste winw, etc).

The guided tasting and discussion, during which different gramar points and vocabulary will be indirectly covered or reviewed (i.e. likes/dislikes, adjective order, descriptions, comparative/superlative, etc). Wine in English is open to anybody interested in or curious about wine, and would like to practice English at the same time.

The minimun English levelrequired is A2. 




Docente: A. Zinn

Giorni: Mercoledì

Orario: 18 - 20

Tot. Lezioni: 8

Costo: 190,00 €

Data inizio: 25/10/17

Codice Corso: 62830

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